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Larry North Fitness is proud to offer Pilates classes to the Dallas area. Our Pilates gym in Dallas has helped numerous people get in shape and tone their body through Pilates workouts, and we’d love to do the same for you. Our Pilates sessions are designed to meet the five basic elements of physical fitness: cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility. Pilates exercises will make you stronger, more flexible, and make your muscles more sculpted, as well as improving your posture and giving you a better sense of overall well-being. Stop in to one of our two Dallas locations or contact us today to learn more about our Pilates classes.

Beginner Pilates Workouts in Dallas

There are numerous health benefits associated with the incorporation of a regular Pilates routine, so if you’ve been thinking about adding Pilates exercises to your fitness routine, now is the time to join Larry North Fitness in Dallas. Our Pilates gym has Pilates classes just for beginners so that you can take the time to learn the basic principles of Pilates. Our Pilates instructors all have several years of experience teaching Pilates workouts in the Dallas area, and they would be more than happy to help you get started with a Pilates exercise regimen.

Dallas' Advanced Pilates Classes

Larry North Fitness offers advanced Pilates workouts at our Pilates gym in Dallas. If you’re searching for a new challenge after mastering the beginner Pilates exercises, an advanced Pilates class at our Pilates gym in Dallas is the perfect fit for you. Our advanced Pilates techniques will strengthen and tone your body while being kind to your joints, and help you improve your posture and confidence among the numerous other benefits that come with regular exercise. Sign up for our advanced Pilates workouts in Dallas today and let us help you continue your health and wellness journey.

Experienced Strength Training Class Instructors in Dallas

Our Pilates gym in Dallas only hires experienced and certified Pilates instructors in Dallas. Whether your brand new to Pilates and need a lot of guidance or are looking for more advanced techniques that will help you take your Pilates experience to the next level, our instructors are here to help. All of our Pilates exercise classes in Dallas have a welcoming and inspiring environment, which will help you be at your best and push yourself to the limit. Drop into one of our two Dallas locations or contact us today to get started with Pilates.

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